Breckenridge and Frisco Nordic Centers open daily 9-4.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Conditions as of December 9, 2007

Breckenridge Nordic - Open 20Km

Dec. 9

20Km open (65%), it is 6 degrees and the sky is clearing this early am on Sunday. We heard that another storm was headed our way, but had no idea the snow would fall so fast that it was difficult to keep up with trail maintenance. We have been grooming through each storm and found ourselves in a total white out...a skier’s paradise! We are still getting after those advanced trails most of them are open now with skate lanes and we hope we will have set tracks by mid-week. Let us know how you are enjoying this blogspot site. We hope to see you skiing again soon. Thanks, Gene and Therese Dayton - Operators

Frisco Nordic - Open 32Km

Dec 9

32Km open (90%),we received more snow overnight than we could shovel, we had folks trying to drive on the groomed trails because they were in a white out, everyone has a smile on their face and the skiers, both young and older seem very happy that the season has begun. The NRL races went well yesterday. The classic race events are still open for registration today between 9-11 am for juniors, seniors and masters racers on RJ's and Crown Point Road Trail. If you are not a can be a spectator from several vantage points. Save the date: Jan 13, 2008 for the Keep Winter White "Tour the Summit" event from Breckenridge to Frisco. Ski or snowshoe from food and drink stops along the way with a deck party at the finish area at the Frisco Nordic sundeck. Call us for more information 970-668-0866. Thank you Gene and Therese Dayton - 0perators


Steve Lynn said...

my first skate day of the year was fabulous.conditions between 11:45 and 1:45 were perfect. getting faster all the time. grooming was great. the raceers stayed on crown pt. RJs and olympic link. not good to ski up there becasue there was not enough room. it was just great to be one snow instead of asphalt. Bring on the snow!! great job grooming Frisco!!

Steve Lynn said...

went today. snowing and chilling but great condtions.Rachels Retreat to Olympic Link was fabulous.Other black runs need to settle and they need to pack the bare spots like balfonz blitz and buzzsaw. They will be taken care of i am sure. all other trails were just great.time was between 10 am and 12:30.